Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Colour Wonder Finger Painting

Yesterday's project was Finger Painting.

With 3 small boys I have come to love Colour Wonder products.  We have had several different marker sets.  The boys like them and I love that there is no marker left on the furniture, clothing or on the boys. 
 I had never tried the finger paints before, but yesterday we decided to give them a try.
These were the products we were using.

  The two younger boys had the hands with the finger pots.  Isaac called it "finger dip".  Gabe used the strip of colours.  After using them for awhile it became clear that the newer strip version was the cleaner option. 

The colour wonder stuff in the finger pots is like a goopy gel.  The strip version is a little more solid and easier to control the amount you are using.  Isaac didn't quite get the "you only need a little at a time" part, but he had fun anyway.

Here are the boys and what they made.
This painting was Gabe saying I love you Mom:)
(very sweet)

Zach loves to do rainbows.

These are Isaac's paintings. 

We tried to get a picture with him smiling, but this was as close as we came.

I wish you could see his pictures better.  He had so much colour wonder goop on them in places it  has dried and gives a glossy dimension to parts of the painting.

All in all it was a fun project and we will certainly use them again.

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