Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing contributor JYLLIAN!!

It is time for another introduction!  Please welcome Jyllian to the Sisterhood!   I am blessed to have Jyllian as my baby sister.  I am sure you will enjoy sharing with her. 

Well I am new to this whole blogging thing...but I’ll try anything once!! ;)

Let me introduce myself…Jyllian Kuhnen! Nice to meet ya! ;) Well that sounded a bit like I was introducing myself to myself but I told you I was new to this!! Seriously though, my name is Jyllian and I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom living in Alliston, Ontario.  I grew up in Kitchener, Ontario (miss you K-town!) but moved up to Alliston about 7 years ago. I have been married to my husband Erik for 7 years and we have been blessed with 3 gorgeous girls who make every day a beautiful adventure! J I just celebrated my 38th birthday a few weeks ago (well, actually, I tried to sleep all day and just skip it but that didn’t work too well – lol) and find myself pondering a great many things these days…which I am sure you will read about in the coming weeks on this blog. ;) Triumphs, regrets, proud moments, blessings, desires, hopes, dreams, beliefs, fears….and that’s just on Mondays.  J

Things I love…

Erik – my Holland-born husband of almost 8 years. I am sure I take him for granted quite often, but he is the love of my life, a true friend, and I cannot imagine life without him.  And he puts up with my quirks (and trust me, I am definitely quirky!) and loves me anyway. ;)

Delaney – my gorgeous 13-year-old teenage daughter who amazes me every day with her insight and acceptance,  her poetic soul and artistic flair, her love and loyalty to her friends, and her tolerance of her sisters (lol – couldn’t resist – I was getting sappy!).  She makes me proud to be her mom and shows me what I want to be when I grow up.

Aubree – my beautiful, sensitive soul. Just 8 years old and going to change the world. Elite competitive gymnast, brilliant student, so creative and dramatic, always busy and wanting to do more, learn more, see more. She makes me wish I could bottle her energy and sell it – then I could afford all the things she wishes she could do. J Love her past the stars.

Piper – my little angel. I asked her to promise me that she would stay little forever – she said she had to grow up, but that she would cuddle me forever.  She’s my sunshine – my perfect little 5 year old cure for anything that is bringing me down. Full of giggles, stories and songs – makes me want to freeze time and savor these moments. Love her to the moon.

Basketball – yep – a TOTAL basketball fanatic. Started when I was young and just got worse as the years passed. Played, watched, coached, earned scholarship, blew out knee, lost scholarship – such is life! Go Raptors! Go DUKE!

My friends and family  - I am truly, truly blessed to have such wonderful amazing people in my life. My family has always been there for me and I have some absolutely amazing friends –some new, some old, ALL amazing!!

My job – I am a Team Leader with JOCKEY Person 2 Person and I am absolutely loving it!! In one fell swoop I found a business, a purpose and a family that has been the perfect fit for me! LOVE my job! ;)

I could go on forever but maybe I’ll save some for another day…


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  1. Beautiful words by a beautiful Lady. Love my Sister-in-law very much!