Monday, February 13, 2012

Introducing Contributor KATE!!!!

I am very happy to introduce to you the first of our contributing writers!!  Please give a warm welcome to Kate.  I am very pleased that Kate has agreed to come and join us here at The Sharing Sisterhood.  I know that you will love getting to know her.

Well, I can't say that I've ever "introduced myself" in a blog before! I do write my own blog, but I assume that anyone reading it probably already knows who I am. So here goes! My name is Kate, and I've been told I'm "Brutally Honest". Which I take as a compliment. I'm a wife (Mike and I have been married for almost 5 years) and a new Mom (Thomas is almost 7 months old). I'm learning new aspects of what God wants me to be within those roles each and every day!

Things I love:
  • My husband. I know in my heart that God meant him just for me and I try so hard to remember that when we have grumbles. But we laugh a lot and I think when it's all said and done, we still really enjoy each other's company.
  • My son! He makes me laugh every day. I try to take a few seconds every day and just look at him and appreciate him. He's already changed so much and the days seem to be getting faster and faster. I'm trying so hard to cherish these moments!
  • My cat... His name is Hobbes, and he is indeed a "homicidal psycho jungle cat". And that would only make sense to you if you were a fan of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. Which I also love.
  • My extended family and friends. My sisters and Mom and I are extremely close, and Mike's family is wonderful as well. They all live relatively close by, and I wouldn't have it any other way! My close friends are a little more spread out, but they are also wonderful. I wish we got to see each other more!
  • Music. I love to sing, bang on a piano, listen to the radio etc. Music soothes my soul.
  • Balloons escaping. (Hence the picture) I read a beautiful blog post which captured almost exactly my feelings about escaping balloons. And I imagine she did it in a much more eloquent way! For my 21st birthday my two best friends and I set a big bunch of balloons free, and it still makes me smile to think about.
  • Books! I'm currently working through a pile I was given/lent from Christmas, including books by A.J. Jacobs, "The Help", and I just finished "The Hunger Games" (and loved it!)
  • Laughter.
  • Yoga. I took it up after Thom was born, as a little something I could do "just for me"... and I really do love it. It seems to keep me grounded or something. Makes me a little less crazy.

Things I hate:
  • Mushrooms. I just can't get past the fact that they grow in poop. Also I don't care for the taste.
  • Horses. I'm really scared of them. They are giant and bite-y and I just don't trust 'em. I like donkeys though, I think it's because they look so funny.
  • Birds. See "Horses". But in this case, it's the flapping. Pretty enough to look at, just don't fly near me. Or flap your wings. No thank you.
  • Sand. I do not enjoy the beach. Water yes (love swimming!), beach no. Give me a dock and a chair at the cottage any day! I hate finding sand in "places", I hate getting my feet sandy, it's making me uncomfortable just thinking about it!
  • Ground beef. I was a vegetarian for 12 years, and though I can now eat most meat, and even enjoy some... (mmm bacon) ground beef still gives me the willies.
  • Balloons popping. I'd rather set them free.
I welcomed the opportunity to write for this blog. I used to write all the time, but as the days go by they seem to get faster and faster and I can't seem to accomplish everything I want to in a day. I ran into an old English teacher of mine a few years back, and the first thing she asked me was "Do you still write?" and when I had to say no, I could see the sad look on her face. She really believed in my writing when I was younger and I felt like I had disappointed her. Since then I've really tried (and continue to try!) to make a point of expressing myself in writing, though some days are more successful than others!

I think that's it, for me... I'll be posting periodically, about whatever is on my mind at the time. I'll apologize in advance. I tend to go off on rabbit trails, and I've also got a raging case of "Mom brain". So I may never actually make a point. But I'll try!

Kate Shantz, OCT

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